Scan cards with our app for InstantInsert

Please keep in mind the following when scanning cards using our App for InstantInsert:

The distance between the card and the smartphone is crucial. If there is too much distance, the text will be too small and the app won't be able to recognize the set tag. If there is too little distance, the camera won't focus properly and the image will be blurry. For optimal scanning, we recommend using a smartphone with a 4K camera.

The lighting of the card also plays an important role. Make sure the card is well-lit, but the set tag is not oversaturated. However, the card should not be too dark either, as there won't be enough contrast to recognize the set tag written in black.

To work more efficiently, you can place multiple cards under the camera at once and remove and insert the topmost card as soon as it is recognized.

Common errors:

Card rotated 180°; The card must be displayed correctly on your smartphone's screen.

Card placed at an angle under the smartphone: You should align the card as much as possible in line with the smartphone.

Card too close to the camera - Camera doesn't focus properly; Make sure the card is clearly visible on your smartphone's screen, and that you can read the set tag yourself.

Card improperly lit - Flashlight reflects on the set tag; Position the card under your smartphone so that the set tag is easy to read. The light from the flashlight should not directly reflect on the set tag.

Card too dark; If your workspace is too dark, you should provide additional lighting for the card. You can use the flashlight function of our app for this purpose.